34 Tonne Press

We can load anything awkward or difficult: This 34 ton press is no exception.

The cargo below, had no designated lifting or lashing points which makes the cargo more difficult to load and secure. Not only this but, the cargo was asymmetric meaning that the underside of the cargo was uneven and therefore, would need blocking and bracing.

Upon receipt of the cargo the team that was involved in this particular lift, put together the lift plan and discussed exactly how it would be secured.  This one was done using our 70 ton mobile crane, wire strops and 25T shackles.

We have sufficient stock on site of all lashing materials, enabling us to be flexible and prepared to load any and all cargo types.

Finally to ensure that the cargo gets to its end location in the condition it came to us in we then sheet it to protect it from the elements whilst on its voyage to the customers site.