Out of Gauge Specialists.

Handling up to 90 Ton pieces.


Cargo Secure has a 90 ton mobile crane which enables them to lift any cargo safely that is to be loaded or unloaded from a flat rack or open top container.

Cargo Secure has invested heavily in equipment including two large forklifts up to 18T, and a double height straddle carrier. Giving Cargo Secure the ability to load steel and other heavy items into standard containers. Ultimately saving you the additional expense on specialist shipping equipment and associated shipping lines charges.

Cargo Secure is able to perform tandem lifts and turn cargo when required. This is a very complicated procedure, but one that has been perfected by Cargo Secure having done this type of operation for many years, in a safe and secure manner.

Upon request Cargo Secure can also provide and fit one way sheets and heavy duty tarpaulins to protect your cargo from the elements.