Cargo Secure Limited was incorporated in 1989 to supply timber and lashing materials to the shipping, transport and warehousing industries. These activities diversified into the supply of skilled labour to secure cargo on customers' premises, on the quayside and on board vessels.

Our next expansive step was to offer a cargo loading service to our customers. This was initially carried out through third party warehouses until 1995 when Cargo Secure Limited purchased the freehold on a warehouse situated in close proximity to Dock No.1 Gate, the Port of Felixstowe.

The acquisition of Estuary Works was a big step forward providing facilities for container loading/unloading and short-term storage. The warehouse is approximately 30,000 sq feet including an uncovered loading area. An area was established in the warehouse for export case making and storage of rigging materials. Rigging and carpentry services have continued and expanded over the years. Skilled personnel are available nationwide to attend and advise on the loading of cargo at shippers' and manufacturers' premises.

In 1996 it was decided to form a new company, Toplift UK Limited, to take on another site and start our own heavy lift facility. With a 70 tonne crane on site we were then able to offer our services to a much broader spectrum of customers. After a successful period of three years Toplift has been amalgamated into the mother company and is now the Toplift Depot.

The administration of both depots are carried out from the CSL warehouse office using the same staff, this enables us to co-ordinate the activities of both companies. Many of our customers use the services of both depots. Our aim is to provide a personal service giving our customers the confidence that we are able to handle any problems that might arise with their cargoes be they export or import.

In 2009 we decided to amalgamate the 2 depots at our Walton Avenue site , effectively trebling the work space available to us. We can now offer up to 2 acres outside working and storage space. This also gives us a direct route onto the port/Quayside without having to use the public highways. This will still allow both depots to offer the skills that they always had but will also allow us to maximize the plant and equipment that we can offer to customers both old and new.